Along with a first-class service, the ambience of the salon is another aspect that matters to us in the smallest detail. We want your session to be more than just a massage, an experience to take you to the most exotic places, and the ambiance and sensual touches are essential to this. Our salon is ideal for those who want to relax both their body and mind: oriental scenery, ambient music, scented candles, diffused light and gorgeous girls – all the details needed for an unforgettable intimate experience.

You can discover here pictures from our Vicious Girl location or visit us and experience the atmosphere of our erotic massage salon. Our location is very easy to reach, we are right in the center of Bucharest (Gradina Icoanei). You will find girls here looking forward to offering you the most intense sensations ever experienced.


Vicious Girl Massage Salon creates an exotic ambiance, combining the fragrance and light of the room, creating a mystery where sensation and pleasure will grow. Our massage has an indescribable effect: it touches, relaxes, seduces and magnetizes.


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200 RON

Every part of your body is treated the same. Physical tension and stress will melt away with every touch of our girls. You’ll vibrate and feel invigorated after this massage.

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250 RON

This massage is created for when you want to relax, not only your body, but also your mind. You’ll step into a world of fantasy and pleasure with your imagination running freely.

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300 RON

The sensual touches of the masseuse and the complementary champaign wil open your senses and will melt away the stress. We guarantee the you’ll feel like a new you.

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500 RON

when you want to breathe in half, erotic couple massage guides both partners to climb the highest heights of pleasure. Spice up your couple life through a massage session in our salon.

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Tantric Massage
200 RON

Every part of your body is treated the same. Tantric massage is based on the belief that a healthy sex life has many benefits for the body as much as for the spirit.

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150 RON

Undoubtedly, the techniques used in erotic massage relaxation are meant to make every person experience unique sensations of body stimulation.

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200 RON

Fantasies and fetishes turn into reality in our parlor. All you have to do is call us and tell us what you desire. Surely one of the Vicious girls will be able to fulfill your hidden desires

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Want to enjoy a Vicious Girl and an unforgettable massage in your hotel room? All you have to do is put call and tell us your address and we’ll handle the rest.

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You can find us here: Strada Icoanei nr. 29A